If your restaurant is like many in the industry, when a seasonal – no less, profound – downturn occurs or your profitability changes, one of the first and most obvious cost-cutting measures you consider is eliminating one or more members of your dessert team.

In any market, the key to having a successful – profitable – dessert program is to minimize the staff and inventory required to produce it.

In 2020 most restaurants released their dessert or pastry staff. Rehiring staff is solely dependent upon recovery of revenue sufficient to justify that department. In the currently projected recovery, that could be a very long time.

The Five Best Reasons

Here are the five best reasons to outsource your restaurant’s dessert kitchen to Essential-Insight:

  • #5. Our dessert products are created for and targeted to your restaurant’s customer base;
  • #4. Our dessert products, produced according to the highest industry standards, are priced for restaurant profitability;
  • #3. Restaurant staff is freed to focus on higher-profit dishes;
  • #2. Cost associated with holding ingredient and dessert inventory (plus fluctuations in ingredient pricing) is eliminated, thereby increasing profitability and reducing waste; and
  • The #1 reason why your restaurant should outsource its dessert kitchen is:

The elimination of cost associated with the salary, taxes and benefits of employing a pastry chef or pastry cook, resulting in measurably increased profit.

Let us show you how to create a high-quality, profitable dessert function.

We’re here to help you.




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