What did we learn about the state of restaurant dessert consulting in 2020? We learned there is major opportunity to increased profitability through a set of very deliberate changes restaurateurs should be implementing now. Some of those opportunities from the NRA State of the Industry Report Q1-2021 are: 

  1. Seventy-five to seventy-eight (75-78%) of restaurateurs say their business has changed in the past 15 months. Astute operators are now concentrating on their guests who actively support the restaurant. Guest appreciation is critical to fully developing a customer base upon which guests can be encouraged – that is, taught – how to advocate for the restaurant for repeat and referral business.
  2. A hospitality strategy is imperative. Is staff – all staff – educated and trained on the specific actions of the restaurant’s hospitality program?
  3. Eighty percent (80%) of adults say their favorite restaurant foods deliver flavor and taste sensations that can’t be duplicated at home. 
  4. Fifty-three percent (53%) say purchasing takeout or delivery food is essential to the way they live; 68% say they are more likely to purchase takeout from a restaurant than they were before the outbreak.
  5. Sixty percent (60%) say they’re more likely to get their food delivered than they were before the pandemic. For millennials, it’s 71%. Baby Boomers are the most likely to say they prefer to order directly from the restaurant (79%) vs ordering through a third party, compared to 66% of adults overall.
  6. A solid majority of operators (70-78%) including fine-dining operators (86%) say they upgraded their takeout and delivery packaging.
  7. Tech adoption rates accelerated. What was “nice to have” became “need to have.” Changes focused on increasing safety and convenience for the customer.
  8. Sixty-three percent (63%) of operators say their businesses have become more efficient.
  9. Sixty-three percent (63%) say they have fewer items on the menu. 
  10. Fifty-two percent (52%) of consumers are more likely to mix a restaurant item – main dish, side, dessert – into their home prepared meals.
  11. Bundling is good business. Are you bundling desserts with your restaurant’s savory dishes?
  12. Consumers want comfort foods, and their restaurant choice will be influenced by comfort food offerings.

Restaurant Dessert Consulting: here are several other ‘opportunity’ questions and thoughts:

  1. Is your dessert menu profitable?
  2. Is staff trained to sell desserts as a logical next step to finishing a meal?
  3. Is staff selling dessert to every second guest?

If your dessert offerings are unrevitalized; if your dessert offerings are not properly costed; if your dessert offerings generate waste (of ingredients, of the product itself), we can solve the issue(s) for you. 

We’re here to help you.



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