Did you know that the National Restaurant Association State of the Industry report for Q1-2021 states that full-service restaurant income – for those that survived the past 15 months – decreased by an average of 30% in 2020? Do you know that a restaurant’s brand promise delivery, well executed, will consistently and significantly boost restaurant income?

Income Generating Questions

Here’s a quick list of income-generating questions restaurateurs/chef-owners should be taking action on now:

  1. Have you identified your best sellers and edited your menu to promote those dishes?
  2. Do you have a new strategy to increase check averages?
  3. Is your dessert function profitable? Do you have a dessert menu? and most importantly…
  4. Have you identified your core constituency?
restaurant brand promise


The foundation for successful recovery is knowing how to execute on your restaurant’s brand promise delivery because the opportunity for delivery of that promise occurs in every function of a restaurant’s business. As a result, each area of the business is an entity that either benefits or deters from the health and growth of your overall business. How clear are you on your brand promise? Is staff executing on it?

Restaurant Brand Promise 

What are the components of a restaurant’s brand promise?

  1. Customer value +
  2. Emotion +
  3. What makes you stand out +
  4. Brand positioning = brand promise

How does what you do benefit the guest? It’s an insightful question and, perhaps, one not easily answered. A benefit should be unique and competitive, and each service, each guest touch – greetings, food dishes, server interactions – must deliver on that benefit. Similarly, the guest’s aspirations for the meal must not only reflect the benefit but, ideally, exceed it.

Essential-Insight Deliverables

Essential-Insight Advisors’ focus – our unique niche – is to help you deliver on your brand’s promise, with each guest, each time. In these bullet points, we offer three deliverables:

  1. Consultation on profitability, menu engineering and restaurant trends;
  2. Our outsource dessert kitchen offering the highest quality dessert items appropriately costed to benefit your operation; and
  3. Advanced server training to help staff deliver your unique brand promise.

In conclusion, we’re here to help you. Here’s how to contact us.

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