Free hospitality? It’s an odd inference to think of hospitality in any way other than… well, free. The mere act of offering hospitality – the generous and friendly treatment of friends and guests – is just that: action.

Yet, as I think of the countless hospitality experiences I’ve had over my many years of dining, wine tasting, vacationing and business conferences, I’m struck by how undefined – and rare – true hospitality is.

Certain standardized elements of hospitality – the initial greeting, pleasant chit-chat while being seated, bits of information on the day’s specials – while expected, do in no way differentiate a restaurant’s service from any other dining choice that guest may have made.

What are the differentiators? In your own dining experience, how often have you experienced:

  • A host immediately recognizing you as having dined previously and possessing the presence and conviviality to ask what you most enjoyed about it, what brings you back, then welcoming you as a friend.
  • A front-of-house staff member giving you some “behind the scenes” info on a new dish the staff loved or specific changes to flavor profiles in the dessert menu she thinks you’ll enjoy trying.
  • A server’s relational approach into inquiring how he can help improve your experience – before offering drinks or taking an app order. That same server offering a small taste of a fruit or herbed shrub while you peruse the menu for drinks.
  • A sous chef or GM who visits with a taste of a dish they’re working on for future menus or events.
  • A restaurant that has “office hours“… perhaps an hour in the morning and an hour pre-service in the afternoon… where diners can call to ask questions about specifics they can’t find online.

Have you noticed the common thread? These service touches distinguish a culture of genuine hospitality from the rote, obligatory – even friendly – performances we often experience.

Essential-Insight Advisors loves offering leading-edge, relational guidance to restaurateurs, operations managers and chef-owners.  A checklist of outstanding service culture practices is here.

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What’s said about the best things in life? Free hospitality is that set of relational practices – free to management, staff and guests – that create restauarnt community. When diners truly feel they are valued as restaurant guests, they extend the restaurant’s community, one (or more) guest at a time. Hospitality is all about creating a culture of relationship.

We’re here to here to help.

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